Welcome to Style Commodity Mfg Ltd. You've reached one of the biggest website in the Inflatable Games Industry!There is full of information about our products, technical data and great images that allow you to get to know the best inflatable games in the world as if you could reach out and touch them.
Our factory get the certificate of ICTI and GSV factory audit which Wal-Mart,Disney etc. big and famous buyer approved.
We are known world wide as the leaderin innovation, design and value in the Indoor Center and Rental market. With worldwide locations in the USA, South America, Europe, we can say we cover the world!
Feel free to explore our 1st factory website www.inflatables.cc , where you'll found incredible inflatables such as Bounce Houses, Advertising Inflatables, Water inflatable Games, Obstacle Courses, Slides and Combos. whether it is giant product replicas, corporate logos, characters, arches,Sky dancer and tents we can do it all. If you can envision it we can design and build.
Besides, if you are interested in all kinds of PVC inflatables, such as beach ball, swimming tools, pools, boats, advertising PVC inflatables, PVC toys etc., then pls explore our 2nd factory website at www.inflatables.cn and get more informabout about it.
Give the product pages a view and tweak your imagination, then contact our product specialist and let us create your thoughts. Our competitive prices , high quality , fast delivery time and good service can help you to win the orders.

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